Finished Flooring Solutions

Does your client want the look of concrete , maybe a natural looking product without the maintenance ? Gypsum underlayments aren’t just for under the floor . There are exciting options available that are designed to be a finished floor. They can be stained or have color added to give whatever feel you are looking for in an easy low maintenance product .

Stained floors are a unique one of a kind product . Color and pattern are not guaranteed , because each is one of a kind they cannot be reproduced .  There will be variation in color and pattern within the floor . Samples will give you an idea of the color and pattern but cannot be reproduced exactly . If you are looking for a consistent  uniform pattern,  a stained floor might not be the best option for you . If you are looking for a one of a kind product you will not see in any other home , this might be the floor for you .

These products are durable and can be used for commercial applications as well as residential . Please visit the options in this menu to see the pictures  of various products and details about each product .  Give us a call or email for more information and to find out which product would be best for your project.