UltraArmor is a unique all in one product . It can be used as a traditional underlayment or as a finished surface . UltraArmor has a smooth surface and can be stained or have integral color added for a uniform color. It is durable and low maintenance for residential or commercial applications . The product information is below the pictures ( click on pictures to enlarge )

Stained floors are a unique one of a kind product . Color and pattern are not guaranteed , because each is one of a kind they cannot be reproduced .  There will be variation in color and pattern within the floor . Samples will give you an idea of the color and pattern but cannot be reproduced exactly . If you are looking for a consistent  uniform pattern,  a stained floor might not be the best option for you . If you are looking for a one of a kind product you will not see in any other home , this might be the floor for you .

UltraArmor with warm brown tones added is a wonderful choice for this traditional style Tahoe home built by Mark Tanner Construction of Truckee California .





Completely modern ,  Incline Village remodel by Gilanfarr and Associates . Bold with lots of movement, Ultra Armor with stain is a perfect accent to this exceptional home.




The details – UltraArmor is a high quality versatile flooring product for interior use in new construction and remodels , commercial or residential applications . UltraArmor has a compressive strength range of 3,500psi to 5,000psi . UltraArmor is the industry’s first all-in-one product that provides fire rated designs , improved sound attenuation characteristics and is hardy enough to be used as a finished floor without the need for epoxy or urethane coatings . Disclaimer : Use of tape or adhesives directly on the floor will damage the floor leaving cure marks . If the floor needs to be protected,  apply tape to paper not directly to the floor . We can recommend paper and tape to protect your floor . Never put tape directly on the floor . Interested in using UltraArmor on your project ? contact us for more information 775-331-8003 email floortechusg@gmail.com

Photos by Vance Fox Photography Reno Nevada

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