Gypsum Underlayments

Why go with gypsum underlayments ? Poured gypsum underlayments are lightweight , self-leveling , provide a smooth hard surface for finished floor coverings . They provide compressive strength with superior acoustical and fire resistant properties .

Gypsum underlayments accept all types of floor coverings , tile, natural stone, hardwood , laminates and carpet . To enhance sound performance,  sound reduction mat can applied before pouring .

Gypsum underlayments can be used in fire- rated , sound-rated,  radiant heat applications , over wood or concrete . For new construction or remodels , commercial or residential . Compressive strengths from 2,000psi to 4,500psi and beyond,  there is a product for your project .

Gypsum underlayment ready for finished floor to be installed , NSM Construction Truckee California.

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